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Liker Analyzer

for Instagram

Simple, Privacy-First exness 口座 開設 Instagram Mobile Analytics

Best Times

Liker Analyzer reports the best time interval to get the most interaction to share a post for getting more likes.

Share & Fun

You can create your top liker lists by using share button. You エクスネス can share these lists with your friends in seconds. Your friends will like your posts much more than before!


Liker Analyzer reports lists your top liker and top posts with their dates. You will instantly discover which of your friends are your best follower and which of them are the worst.

Privacy First

Liker Analyzer reports shows you your ghost followers, followers that you don’t follow and users who don’t follow you back. The app makes appear the ghost followers who follow you, but do not like any of your posts yet!

What Is Liker Analyzer ?

Analyzes your likes, likers (which user likes you more than others) Ghost follower, unfollower finder 🕵️ Best time picker for posts 🤖 Instagram score in the league 👑 You are the boss on your data! 🤓 *PS: As Liker Analyzer, we never store any of your data and your analyses are made in your device. If you join the league, we store only total like and follower count.

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The Mobile Application That Excites Instagram Users

It is the only mobile application in the market so far that analyzes reports all your like , likers, instagram follower , instagram unfollower , comments, hashtags and your best time intervals for you to get more like and comments.

Your Own Popularity Analysis and More

Enhanced Security and Privacy of Your Data

Most Popular Accounts in Your City

Follower Who Don't Like Any Of Your Posts

Liker Analyzer for Instagram

Login easily and securely with your Instagram account and get the reports. Liker Analyzer reports app’ll be your best guide and you will definitely become wiser while using the Instagram.